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About Me

Back in December of 2006, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Yeah, that's a real kick in the pants, isn't it? I was 33 years old and had stage IV cancer! After all of the tests and biopsies, I started 10 months of high dose chemotherapy. During my chemo treatments, I searched high and low for t-shirts I could wear to my oncology appointment. Every shirt I found was CHEESY! Shirts with fluffy kittens that read "Hang in there!" As you can tell, I have a very off-color sense of humor. I wanted shirts that reflected this! I wanted a shirt that proclaimed "I'M MAKING CANCER MY BITCH"!

You know why? Because that's what I was doing! I mean, I had cancer. All I could do was laugh about it.

During my 10 months of high dose chemotherapy I would sit in front of my computer and photoshop t-shirt designs. I had chemo every-other Thursday. I would design and create t-shirts Friday and Saturday. On Monday, I would slip back into reality and climb out of my chemo induced fog to find a bunch of mis-spelled, poorly designed t-shirts! Tuesdays would always be spent correcting and reworking my designs.

I found out October of '07 that I had kicked it's ass! Now that the cancer has gone, the shirts live on. Hopefully others fighting cancer will get a chuckle out of them. We have funny cancer t-shirts for those currently fighting cancer as well as those that have already kicked it's ass! Know someone that's fighting the good fight? Why not send them one of our shirts!

All proceeds from this website go to help a real live cancer survivor, ME!

In all seriousness, a portion of each sale will be donated to various cancer charities.

Here I am today, healthy as a fat guy can be!